Glossop Taxi Service Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions Taxi Glossop Service

By using any of our services, you agree to the below listed terms and conditions. If you do not agree, you should not use our services.

The follow terms apply to all journeys booked by any method - including by phone, email or website booking form.

While bookings can be made through the website for immediate dispatch, please call the office to confirm possible waiting times if you are booking a taxi for straight away.
We cannot guarantee to undertake journeys that do not travel from or through our service area. Taxi Glossop Service service area covers Glossop, Manchester, Ashton-under-Lyne, Hyde, Buxton and Stockport. We cannot accept - or guarantee to fulfill - online bookings that do not travel through these areas. If you're in any doubt as to whether your journey qualifies, please call our office to confirm.
It is your responsibility to plan your journey correctly and leave sufficient time to reach the destination according to the need to check-in for flights, catch a train or any other constraints you might have. Glossop Taxi Service recommends that absolutely all customers plan to arrive at their destination at least forty-five minutes in advance of any train, coach departure or airport check-in time.
Glossop Taxi Service in no way agrees to any contract or commitment to deliver customers to prebooked connections, transport, dinner reservations, personal arrangements, medical appointments, or any other time-sensitive commitments under any circumstances. Customers must take full responsibility for ensuring they are able to make such appointments on time. Glossop Taxi Service are unable to offer a refund for costs incurred due to lateness for any pre-arrangement in any circumstances. This applies to any journeys Glossop Taxi Service agrees to undertake (including both taxi and coach hires) and through any booking method, including by phone, email, or website booking form.
Lost property left in a Taxi Glossop Service will be returned to the Office.
Please contact the main office to collect your lost property.
Lost Property not collected within 3 months of the journey becomes the property of Taxi Glossop Service who will arrange for disposal of the item.
If you have any comments or complaints about the service we have provided to you, please contact the office by email. All complaints should be made in writing in order to ensure your issue is handled by the appropriate member of management.
All telephone calls are recorded for monitoring purposes.
These terms and conditions do not remove or affect your statutory rights.
Booking Amendments
If you need to make changes to a confirmed booking, please contact us directly by phone.

Refund and Cancellation Policies:

Please contact us in writing if you believe you require a refund on a completed or cancelled journey.

If you believe an unauthorised payment has been made to us using a payment method belonging to you as a result of fraud or theft, requests must be made to us via the police or by your bank/payment provider due to Data Protection limitations.

The following applies to journeys booked by phone or via the web booking form and paid for in advance by card or PayPal:

Any paid taxi journey you wish to cancel in advance will be given a full refund, provided the cancellation is more than 24 hours before the booking.
Any taxi journey cancelled less than 24 hours before the booking will be refunded and will be charged £5 cancelation fee. Most vehicles are dispatched between 5 and 45 minutes prior to the collection time, depending on the distance required for the driver to travel from our base in Glossop. If your taxi has already been dispatched, we will charge £5 cancelation fee.
Refunds will be submitted electronically and the funds repaid to the card used to pay for the journey. Refunds will normally take 3-5 working days to be processed.
Refunds for pre-paid jobs are handled by senior management. There may be a waiting period between request of a refund and the transaction being reversed whilst management investigates the issue in question.
If a refund is required for a transaction paid for by card at the end of a journey (an in-car Chip & PIN or Contactless payment):

Refunds are handled by PayPal and must be requested to us within 180 days of the initial payment. Refunds may take up to seven working days to appear in your bank account. Telephone call handlers have no access to PayPal transaction histories or refund facilities and any such request must be made in writing and handled by a member of the management team.

Please make all requests in writing.